Snapbacks and Bows

Anonymous asked

heeey, i wanna ask you about the day you met austin and camila because they're my otp and i'm curious lol :) I just wanna know how you met them, did they come out the studio to meet you guys? How were they acting around eachother and you guys and were they really holding hands? i saw the pics but it's hard to tell xxx


I was waiting outside of the studio for austin and he hadn’t come out yet and it was almost 10. (he usually comes out wayyy earlier). Then around 1030 a car pulls up and it’s camila and her mom was driving her. Her mom stops the car and camila rolls down the window to say hi and then she goes “should I get out” and we’re all like yesss so she gets out and starts taking pictures. While we were all taking pictures with camila austin decides to finally come out so people started taking pictures with him. They were out there for like 15 minutes taking pictures with everyone and then one of Austin’s security was like alright time to go so austin starts walking away and Camila follows and he like grabs her hand and they walked into the studio together. But Camila has been to the studio 3 days in a row but she hadn’t come out for pictures.

Austin and Camila were seen holding hands last night (Oct 17, 2014) in Miami